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The ORA™ System with VerifEye+ technology is one of the technologies utilized to tailor cataract procedures to each patient’s unique eye. Basic cataract surgery is generally a safe and common procedure that removes the cloudy lens but does not address any other visual disorders. To ensure best- case results after “basic cataract surgery,” patients may need follow-up visits and glasses to correct visual disorders like astigmatism — potentially delaying improvements to vision. Like a GPS, the ORA™ System helps Dr. Hirschfeld navigate each patient’s unique eye during surgery. This provides Dr. Hirschfeld with the real-time guidance he needs to achieve better results before each patient leaves the operating room.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ORA™ System assesses the eye during cataract surgery, much like a GPS system tracks progress on the road. With this data, Dr. Hirschfeld can make real-time adjustments to arrive at a better result.

During a customized procedure, Dr. Hirschfeld can use the ORA™ System to analyze the state of the eye during the procedure to confirm vision correction needs. This differs from basic cataract surgery, where visual disorders are addressed afterward, during follow-up visits.

While customized procedures are associated with an increased expense compared with basic cataract surgery, the investment may help reduce the need for glasses.

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