Punctal Plugs

At Lakeland Ophthalmology, dry eye is often treated with punctal plugs (occluders). These tiny plugs, which can be dissolvable or made of silicone, block the tear duct, which is the drainage duct that carries tears away from the surface of the eye. Blocking these drainage ducts prevents tears from draining away too quickly. Just like putting a stopper in a sink drain, punctal plugs keep the tears on the eye’s surface for longer periods.

This widely performed procedure is safe, quick and painless. The dissolvable occluders are completely invisible. can be inserted in the tear drainage ducts. Punctal plugs limit the egress of tears from the eye, allowing more of the tears to be available to moisten and protect the eyes.

Punctal Plugs are a dry eye treatment offered at Lakeland Ophthalmology. Call us at (973) 331-0300 to schedule an appointment today.

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