AcrySof® IQ Clareon® PanOptix® IOL

The AcrySof® IQ Clareon® PanOptix Trifocal intra-ocular lens (IOL) is the first and only trifocal IOL available in the United States. In patients undergoing cataract surgery, the clouded natural lens (the cataract) is removed, and an IOL is implanted into the eye to focus images clearly onto the retina. While a standard monofocal lens can allow patients to see clearly at distance, the AcrySof® IQ Clareon® PanOptix IOL allows patients to see a full range of vision without blurry zones.

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Patients implanted with the AcrySof® IQ Clareon® PanOptix Trifocal IOL typically have excellent distance vision, allowing them to drive, watch TV, recognize faces, or see a show, without the need for eyeglasses. Additionally, these patients also have enhanced intermediate vision, allowing them to use a computer, read a menu and see a mirror, without reaching for glasses. Lastly, these patients report excellent near vision, allowing them to read and use a cell phone without glasses. In a clinical study, 99% of patients stated that they would choose the AcrySof® IQ Clareon® PanOptix IOL again, and 98% said that they would recommend it to a friend. Dr. Hirschfeld and his team will determine whether the revolutionary AcySof® IQ Clareon® PanOptix IOL is the best IOL option for each individual patient’s laser cataract surgery!

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